JCP Fuwa holds talks with CPC International Department deputy head

Japanese Communist Party Central Committee Chair Fuwa Tetsuzo on March 18 met with Wang Jiarui, deputy head of the Communist Party of China Central Committee International Department, and held talks for about an hour at the Diet Building.

Wang expressed his hope that this year, the 30th anniversary of the normalization of Japan-China relations, bilateral relations between the two governments as well as between the two parties will further develop.

Fuwa stated that he is glad to see JCP-CPC relations improving since 1998 when the relations between the two parties were normalized. He expressed his hope that mutual relations will develop in accordance with what the 21st century calls for.

Saying that Japan's current political situation is hot and interesting, Fuwa briefed him particularly on the period since the Liberal Democratic Party presidential election in April 2001.

Elucidating the true nature of the Koizumi Cabinet and its deceitful pledge to 'reform' LDP politics, Fuwa said that it applied the worst policies to issues of peace and the economy, and the people, who at first gave extremely high support rates to the cabinet, are changing their evaluation of the cabinet due to the recent turmoil.

Fuwa then talked about the contents and political meanings of three recent incidents; the dismissal of Tanaka Makiko, former foreign minister; the interference with foreign ministry affairs by former LDP Dietmember Suzuki Muneo; and the concession-hunting by a secretary to former LDP Secretary General Kato Koichi.

Expressing thanks to Fuwa for his briefing, Wang said it greatly helped his understanding of Japan's political situation and the JCP role in it.

JCP CC Chair Fuwa asked Wang to give a JCP greeting to CPC leaders. (end)