Court revokes dismissal of managerial employee

The Osaka District Court on March 22 ordered health-care product manufacturer Morishita-Jintan Co., Ltd. to revoke the dismissal of an employee in a managerial position.

Plaintiff Izutsu Shosuke was promoted to acting head of a section in 1994. Two years later the company asked 30 workers, including him, to quit. When he refused, the company sent him to a subsidiary company, forcing him into giving up his position at Morishita Jintan. The management harassed him in many ways including giving him extremely low job performance evaluations, and told him in November 2000 that he was discharged at the end of the year on the grounds that his job skills did not improve.

Izutsu, a middle manager who is not allowed to join the union, asked the Osaka Confederation of Trade Unions for advice. He joined a regional union to negotiate with the management. However, Morishita Jintan forced him to leave the company on December 31, 2000.

Izutsu sued Morishita Jintan in February 2001. His legal struggle has been supported by many workers in a support group.

After the court ruling Izutsu thanked his supporters for encouraging him to lead the struggle against the company's arbitrary discharge. (end)