2 lawmakers summoned over aides' money scandal

The House of Representatives Budget Committee on April 8 summoned Kato Koichi, former secretary general of the Liberal Democratic Party, and Kano Michihiko, former vice president of the Democratic Party of Japan as unsworn witnesses over the scandals in which their aides were involved.

Kato has denied his own involvement in alleged illegal fund-raising by the former director of Kato's Tokyo office who has been arrested and indicted for tax evasion.

Japanese Communist Party Kijima Hideo showed Kato a document disproving his denial. The document, signed by Kato, says that Sato should supervise the office with Kato's permission.

But Kato kept denying his awareness of the former fund-raiser's alleged money-making and tax evasion.

During the questioning, Kato expressed his intention to leave the Diet. (see separate item.)

JCP Haruna Naoaki questioned Kano, former DPJ leader, whose former secretary was arrested and indicted for bribery.

Haruna pointed out that Kano's two political organizations' addresses were the same as an institute which is alleged to be a stage for the bribery established by his arrested-aide. Haruna asked Kano if his political activities were combined with this institute.

Haruna also asked about the scandal in which Kano allegedly requested the institute to sell tickets for his annual fund-raising party. Kano denied everything. (end)