Faith-based groups establish peace network

Calling for prayer and action for human dignity and the peace-oriented Constitution of Japan, people of different faiths have launched a "Peace network of religious people."

In a meeting on April 2 in Tokyo, over 100 Buddhists, Christians, and Muslims decided to found the network in order to help develop the struggle against the wartime legislation and to give effects to the Japanese peace Constitution.

Takeda Takao of the Japan Buddha Sangha stated, "Since the terrorist attacks on the United States, violence of war appears to be justified in the name of 'justice,' and human life is treated like an object. Religious people's basic task is to defend life. Let us work together, with our differences of faith, in order to extend our prayers and actions for peace at home and internationally."

The network decided to run an ad in newspapers calling for respect for life and opposition to wartime legislation. After the assembly, they marched in demonstration holding candles. (end)