Ruling parties reject censure motion against agriculture minister

Ruling Liberal Democratic and New Conservative parties in the House of Councilors plenary session on April 5 voted down a censure motion against Agriculture Minister Takebe Tsutomu.

The motion was jointly proposed by 4 opposition parties (Japanese Communist Party, Democratic Party of Japan, Diet Reform Liaison Council [Liberal Party and independent Diet members], and Social Democratic Party), insisting that Takebe should take responsibility for the mismanagement by the administrative authority on the BSE issue.

Although the ruling Komei Party had also demanded that Takebe resign from his post, all its 24 Upper House members absented themselves from the plenary session vote. The vote resulted in 102 for and 114 against the censure motion.

Speaking at the Upper House Plenary Session on behalf of the Japanese Communist Party, Kami Tomoko pointed out Takebe's responsibility for the BSE problem and criticized the Koizumi Cabinet and the Komei Party for their unethical defense of Takebe.

At a press conference later in the day, Fudesaka Hideyo, Japanese Communist Party Acting Secretariat head, stated, "Japanese people will not accept this result. The Koizumi Cabinet and the ruling parties will have to face retaliation from the people." (end)