Japan AALA announces NGO international conference in Amman canceled

The Japan Asia Africa Latin America Solidarity Committee (Japan AALA) on May 10 issued a statement announcing the cancellation of the NGO international conference scheduled for June in Amman (Jordan) to call for the further development of the nonaligned movement. The conference was to be held one month before the 13th summit meeting of the non-aligned countries in Amman.

Akiniwa Toshio, Japan AALA president, explained that the decision to cancel the meeting was based on the May 7 notice from Jordanian Ambassador to Japan Samir Issa Naouri, that the holding of the 13th summit meeting of the Non-Aligned Nations was impossible due to the serious regional situation, and that it will be held in Malaysia early next year.

The NGO international conference was jointly called for by the Afro-Asian Peoples' Solidarity Organization (AAPSO), Jordan Peace and Solidarity Committee, and Japan AALA.

The Japan AALA confirmed that it will set the calender of the NGO international meeting after the schedule of the summit meeting is decided, and that it will make efforts for the success of the NGO international meeting. (end)