Christians in network oppose threat to peace

Christian organizations of various sects are joining together to develop a movement against the contingency legislation.

37 organizations and groups, including both Catholics and Protestants, formed the Christian Network for Peace in October 1999 to struggle against the adverse revision of the Constitution and the establishment of a system to take part in wars and for realization of peace without use of force.

The Network has called on members to visit the Diet to hear the discussions about the contingency bills and the review of the Constitution, and provided the latest information to members by fax, e-mails, and newsletters.

When Japan conducted the war of aggression in the Asia/Pacific region as part of WWII, churches helped promote the war.

The Network said that based on the reflection on the past, its members who believe in Jesus Christ, who advocated peace, as the Savior think that Japan must not impose a military threat to neighbors in other nations again.

Christians all over Japan are giving donations and encouragements to the Network, wishing that Japan would never go back to the way toward a war. (end)