Demonstration against two sets of life-threatening legislation

About 300 people, including union activists, on May 8 carried out a sit-in in front of the Diet building to block the adverse revisions of the nation's medical insurance system and the wartime legislation. The discussions on the life-threatening legislation are under way in the Diet.

Participants are from the National Confederation of Trade Unions (Zenroren), the Central Council for Promotion of Social Security, and the "Cut Military Expenditure and Improve Welfare and Education" Campaign organizing committee.

Murou Noboru, president of the Japanese Medical and Dental Practitioners for Improvement of Medical Care stated, "Those two sets of bills will change Japan into a war-fighting nation that no longer values welfare and democracy."

A nurse who joined the demonstration said, "If doctors and nurses are forced to cooperate with wars, we cannot work for the citizens."

Kodama Kenji, a JCP member of the House of Representatives, spoke in solidarity with the protesters. (end)