Ruling bloc again shields Suzuki under suspicion

The three ruling parties used their majority to block a motion calling for Suzuki Muneo to be accused of perjury at the Lower House Budget Committee on May 10. The opposition parties, including the Japanese Communist Party, had submitted the motion to the committee regarding his testimony as a sworn witness in the Diet.

The ruling parties (Liberal Democratic, Komei, and Conservative parties) are also very reluctant to resummon Suzuki to testify under oath before the Diet.

On March 11, Suzuki was summoned before the Lower House concerning a government-funded aid project in Kunashiri Island, one of the Russian-held Northern islands. He categorically denied that his secretary had been involved in the bid rigging for the construction of an accommodation facility, the so-called Muneo House, on the island. Amidst suspicions about Suzuki and his secretary being revealed one after another, the aide was arrested on April 30.

JCP Sasaki Kensho, who revealed details about the "Muneo House" in the parliament, spoke in support of the motion at the Lower House Budget Committee. He said there is no doubt that Suzuki perjured himself with the false statement, and that his accusation is inevitable. Not to accuse Suzuki is tantamount to denying the suspicions about the Lower House lawmaker which will greatly undermine the House authority, he pointed out.

After the motion was turned down, the four opposition parties confirmed that they will jointly urge the Lower House plenary session to adopt a resolution calling for Suzuki to resign from the Diet. (end)