JCP-supported candidate elected to Musashi-murayama City head in Tokyo

In the mayoral election of Musashi-murayama City, Tokyo on May 19, a candidate supported by the Japanese Communist Party, defeated the independent incumbent.

Arai Mitsuo, backed by the JCP, the Komei Party, and two other political groups received 15,366 votes (57.74 percent of total votes) compared to 11,247 votes for the other candidate, Shishida Kotaro.

In the campaign, Arai criticized the city administration under Mayor Shishida, for ignoring residents' needs and rushing to build a hospital in disregard of democratic discussions with citizens and the city assembly, and cutting funding for welfare. Challenger Arai called for a clean and open administration, building a hospital that residents need, and revoking the plan to cut the welfare budget. (end)