Let's block the way to war with people's united opposition -- Akahata editorial, May 26 (excerpts)

The "STOP Contingency Legislation! May 24 Rally" held by workers' unions in land, sea, air, and harbor transportation services as well as religious organizations was successful with about 40,000 people taking part, irrespective of thoughts and beliefs.

Let's use the rally's success as the springboard for heightening public opinion and the movement, isolating the government and the ruling parties, and getting the three contingency bills scrapped.

The characteristic of the present movement is that broader sections of the people are opposed to the Koizumi Cabinet's dangerous scheme.

For example, the Japanese Trade Union Confederation (Rengo), which has never opposed government security and defense policies before, declared its opposition to rushing to get the three contingency bills enacted during the current Diet session.

The Japan P.E.N. Club along with famous writers, scholars, and artists has expressed its opposition to the contingency legislation fearing that it will threaten Japan's peace and Constitution.

The public is increasingly skeptical and critical of the contingency legislation after its danger of affecting Japan's future and people's freedom and basic rights have become known.

Fearing that the dangerous aims might be known by many people, the ruling parties are rushing to railroad through the bills using their majority vote. This gives rise to the people's anger.

As a result, the ruling parties had to postpone public hearings which they reluctantly decided to hold.

Further parliamentary discussions will make it clear that these bills won't work to defend Japan but will only allow Japan to use force in other countries and mobilize the people to war.

Let's heighten public opinion and strengthen the movement against the contingency legislation and prevent the bills from being enacted forcibly. (end)