Four opposition party leaders call for thorough discussion of contingency bills

Confronting the ruling parties which are rushing to enact the three contingency bills, the four opposition party leaders joined together to make speeches on May 27 on Tokyo's Ginza calling for a thorough discussion in parliament.

The joint campaign was based on an agreement made by the four party heads on May 23. (see page 7)

Many people in the shopping quarters in the afternoon stopped to listen to their speeches and gave encouraging cheers.

Japanese Communist Party Chair Shii Kazuo stated that the ruling parties' arbitrary decision on schedules of public hearings on the bills violates parliamentary democracy. He said that parliament must at least ensure thorough discussion to disclose all problematic points of the three contingency bills.

Concerning the government and ruling parties' moves to enact the bills by extending the current Diet session which expires on June 19, Shii said that the JCP is absolutely opposed to the extension of the Diet session with a view to enacting the laws.

He stressed that the immediate task is for the Diet to unravel the scandals involving money and politics, including allegations concerning Suzuki Muneo. Other opposition party leaders also expressed objection to an extension of the Diet session. (end)