Citizens' summit held to develop regional economies

About 250 people from 28 cities discussed ways to develop the struggle to break through the recession and protect regional economies at the 4th "Citizens' summit for medium- and small-businesses" in Hyogo Prefecture on May 18 and 19.

Participants were particularly interested in the experience of workers and companies in Ota City, Tokyo, where 2 credit unions failed. As a result of their struggle calling on 1,000 companies and unions to cooperate, a firm which has taken over the failed unions decided to take responsibility for 90 percent of the finance.

Efforts to establish a city ordinance to develop the regional economy also drew participants' attention. Residents of Yao City, Osaka, succeeded in having a city law enacted stating that big companies should commit themselves to the development of the local economy.

As a unique activity by city administration, the web site of Higashi-Osaka City was introduced. Sending out the information on about 1,100 local companies, this web site has been accessed 150,000 times. (end)