Opposition parties hold meeting to foil media control bills

The Japanese Communist Party and three other opposition parties on May 24 held a meeting in the Diet Building against the media control bills.

About 150 people attended the meeting, including writer Shiroyama Saburo, journalist Sakurai Yoshiko, and members of the Japan Federation of Bar Associations.

Pointing out that the bills are only for the protection of politicians under suspicion, JCP Chair Shii Kazuo called for even grater efforts to foil the legislation that violates the freedoms of the press and expression.

Shiroyama said that he would not be able to keep on writing if the bills are enacted. Sakurai stated that there is no other country enacting a law to control media in the 21st Century.

The Japan Federation of Bar Associations and the Foreign Correspondents' Club of Japan issued statements against the bills. (end)