Prosecutors search Dietman Suzuki's home

The Tokyo District Prosecutor's Office on May 23 searched House of Representatives Member Suzuki Muneo's offices and house in connection with the suspicion that his political organization may have violated the Political Funds Control Law.

Suzuki's political organization, Hokkaido Kaihatsu Kenkyukai, received tens of millions of yen in political funds, but Suzuki's secretary, Miyano Akira, allegedly made false political funds reports in order to use the money for a slush fund.

Miyano was indicted for interfering with a bid for the construction of the so-called Muneo House, a Japanese government-funded building on the Russian-held Kunashiri Island off Hokkaido, by leaking bid information to contractors.

The investigation into Suzuki's suspicion has entered a new stage to determine the flow of his political funds and how Suzuki was involved in the matter.

Japanese Communist Party Chair Shii Kazuo said on the day that all the facts must be established about the Suzuki scandal both in the Diet, and that justice must be realized.

The Diet should adopt a resolution calling on Suzuki to resign and urge him to accept his political and moral responsibilities, said Akahata on May 24. (end)