Nagasaki mayor disapproves of U.S. aegis destroyer entering local port

Nagasaki mayor Ito Iccho on May 31 expressed his opposition to U.S. Navy aegis destroyer Curtis Wilbur's visit to Nagasaki Port from June 6 to 10, criticizing the U.S. government for not considering a-bomb victims in Nagasaki.

Ito stated that the U.S. aegis destroyers, which joined the U.S. operation in Afghanistan, bring tension among the neighboring countries by entering the port of a-bomb victimized city.

The U.S. aegis destroyers are armed with Tomahawk, a cruise missile which is capable of carrying nuclear weapons. Mayor Ito has demanded that the U.S. government, Japanese Prime Minister and Foreign Minister avoid the U.S. destroyers' visit to Nagasaki Port. (end)