JCP Ichida accuses ruling parties of covering up Defense Agency report

Secretary generals of the three ruling parties virtually admitted that they used their influence to have the Defense Agency withhold its report on the investigation into the agency's making a list of private information of individuals who sought records from the Defense Agency.

At a meeting of political party secretary generals on June 13, Yamasaki Taku, Liberal Democratic Party secretary general, said, "We never sought to cover up the existence of the investigation report," but later said, "Asked for advice, we gave an opinion. That's it." But he refused to say who said what and refused to even apologize for the cover-up.

The opposition party secretary generals left the meeting in protest against the insincere attitude of the three ruling coalition parties.

Later in the day, Japanese Communist Party Secretariat Head Ichida Tadayoshi commented on the political party secretary generals' meeting at a rally against the contingency legislation in Tokyo.

Ichida said that it is clear that the ruling parties' secretary generals had a role to play in covering up the report and persuading the agency into publishing only the executive summary with some changes. This is a flagrant use of strong arm tactics.

Komei Party Secretary-General Fuyushiba Tetsuzo when asked about what he said concerning the announcement of the report, answered, "I don't think it is necessary to tell you who said what."

To a question about the title of the report which was delivered to the ruling parties' secretary generals, Fuyushiba insisted, "I didn't see the title, as it was only read out."

Ichida said, "The title was the 'summary of the report.' They knew that its full text existed. And they deleted the word 'summary'."

The opposition parties' secretary generals called on the ruling parties to apologize for disgracing the Diet, but the ruling parties refused. (end)