JCP will fight to foil bad bills: Ichida (July 7)

Joint action held in Diet against wartime legislation (June 29)

357 local assemblies adopt resolution against wartime legislation (July 1)

Japan Peace Committee resolves to take a lead in anti-wartime bills action (July 1)

Size-based taxation system will only benefit major corporations -- Akahata editorial, July 1 (excerpts)

Dietmembers across party lines work together for equal treatment of part-time workers (July 2)

JCP member candidate put up a good fight in Higashi Osaka mayoral election (July 2)

Government throws Japan's economic sovereignty away in the name of globalization (June 26)

Anti-nuclear forces united will prevent use of nuclear weapons
-- Gensuikyo secretary general on 2002 World Conference against A & H Bombs (June 27)

Court orders JR to pay for overtime under flexitime system (June 28)

Large corporations reduced workforce by 1 million (June 29)

'Basic policy' on secret funds to legalize diversion of tax (June 26)

Otaru union and peace activists protest against U.S. Navy ship port call (June 28)

Misgovernment increases medical expenses -- Akahata editorial, June 26 (excerpts)

What is happening to U.S. economy? -- Akahata editorial, June 27 (excerpts)

Rengo calls for medical insurance bill and contingency bills to be scrapped (June 28)

Nagano governor stops construction of 2 dams (June 26)

Controlling media is protecting dirty politicians -- Akahata editorial, June 28 (excerpts)

JCP CC Chair Fuwa and South Korean Prof. Chi discuss Asian peace, Japan-ROK relations, and World Cup (June 29)