JCP reveals another scandal

The senior vice-minister of health, labor and welfare has been found to have used his political influence to gain entry to a medical school for his political fund donor's son.

This was revealed by Koike Akira of the Japanese Communist Party at an Upper House committee meeting on July 11.

The committee was meeting to consider bills to discuss the adverse revision of the medical insurance system. But when Koike showed the evidence of corruption which he obtained, the committee was thrown into a state of disarray.

According to Koike's revelation, Vice-minister Miyaji Kazuaki (Liberal Democratic Party) is suspected of using his influence at the request of a hospital director's wife to help her son pass the entrance exam of Teikyo University's medical school.

"It is a common practice. Nothing serious," Miyaji replied with a laugh. His insincere attitude appalled all committee members and the gallery.

Groans of anger came from the public gallery of 170 people who came to listen to an opposition vs. government debate over the controversial medical bills.

A 35-year-old man who was listening to the allegation said, "The bills proposed by the ministry with such a person as its vice-minister should be scrapped." Another man said, "The ministry's politician buys his supporters' way into school while trying to force on us heavier burdens of medical insurance."

News reporters and TV camera crews flocked in front of the committee meeting room. The next day, morning TV shows reported that the JCP revealed yet another scandal following the one exposed by JCP Sasaki Kensho of the still fresh scandal involving former LDP lawmaker Suzuki Muneo over the so-called "Muneo House." (end)