Commercial broadcasters reject their role in contingencies

The National Association of Commercial Broadcasters in Japan on July 18 published the association's opinion rejecting the government designation of commercial broadcasters to take part in contingencies.

The opinion is that if the contingency bills were made into law, commercial broadcasters and other media would be forced to serve the interests of the government, instead of the people's right to know. The bill designates NHK (Japan Broadcasting corporation) to be placed under government control in contingencies, but has no mention of commercial broadcasters.

It went on to express the association's suspicion that the system of the government officially tasking some organizations with roles in contingencies might have stemmed from the government's intention to control information.

It added that in parliament, at which the contingency bills are being discussed, the government argument of dealing with media reports during contingencies lacked specifics, which adds to the association's concern. (end)