JCP backs anti-dam Tanaka in Nagano gubernatorial race

The Japanese Communist Party Nagano Prefectural Committee on July 24 announced that it will support Tanaka Yasuo, the anti-dam former governor, in the September 1st Nagano gubernatorial election.

The JCP was the only party in the prefectural assembly to vote against the non-confidence motion against Tanaka on July 15. The motion was carried by the pro-dam majority in the assembly.

Imai Makoto, JCP Nagano Prefectural Committee chair, said that to pull Tanaka down from the governor's office while he was living up to his anti-dam election promise is an offense against the prefectural citizens. The JCP, supporting Tanaka's policy to make a post-dam prefecture, decided to back up Tanaka in the election campaign, Imai explained.

The JCP has cooperated with Tanaka in the efforts to review wasteful public works projects, reduce school class size to less than 31 pupils, make prefecturl information open to the public, and establish transparency in the administration with citizen participation. (end)