For more lively Zenroren actions

The National Confederation of Trade Unions (Zenroren) on July 26 closed its 20th Convention after adopting a special resolution against the mal-revision of the medical insurance system and the 2002-2003 action program, and electing new board members.

New Zenroren President Kumagai Kanemichi, successor to Kobayashi Yoji, made a fresh resolution that he wants to develop the movement based on Zenroren's founding spirit as a national trade union center for all working people and workers' unions.

Kumagai said Zenroren will focus on efforts to increase jobs as an essential part of social and political tasks by invigorating union activities in the workplace and integrating their strength into a national power.

A delegate from Saitama Prefecture reported that the prefectural federation which began with 86,000 members now has 131,000 members.

The action program for the summer-autumn struggle calls for increased actions to mobilize workers to protests against all undemocratic bills, including the wartime-related bills, a drive to get the Lower House dissolved, and protests against a consumption tax rate increase.

The program also includes protests against wage cuts for workers in public services, a call for the establishment of a democratic system for public service personnel, protests against any labor legislation that will pursue a changeover to further insecure jobs, fair appointments of Labor Relations Commission members, and the continuing struggle to end discrimination and harassment against the National Railway Workers' Union. (end)