Shii: Non-confidence motion against Koizumi is expression of public no-confidence in Koizumi Cabinet

The four opposition parties, for the first time, submitted a joint non-confidence motion against the Koizumi Cabinet on July 30, the day before the current Diet session ended. The motion was rejected by the majority of the three ruling parties.

After the vote, Shii Kazuo, JCP Executive Committee chair, stated, "Although the no-confidence motion was rejected by the majority of the ruling parties, the motion itself should be taken as the expression of public no-confidence in the Koizumi Cabinet. "

The Japanese Communist, Democratic, Liberal, and Social Democratic parties also called for the contingency bills and other undemocratic bills, including the media control bill, to be scrapped.

On July 29, after meeting with other opposition party leaders, JCP Chair Shii pointed out that the "current Diet session has exposed the true colors of the Koizumi Cabinet."

Specifically, Shii cited the Koizumi Cabinet's lack of criticism of the series of corruption scandals involving ruling party politicians and its policy of forcing the people to endure more hardships through the imposition of the adverse revision of the medical insurance system.

"The Koizumi Cabinet is an example just another orrupt Liberal Democratic Party cabinet. In the name of reform, it has pushed for undemocratic politics by undemocratic means," Shii added. (end)