NTT worker gets company order of transfer cancelled

The NTT Facilities, Inc., a member of Japan's telecommunication giant NTT Group, has withdrawn its previous decision to transfer an engineer from Matsuyama City in Ehime Prefecture to Osaka Prefecture. He appealed to the Matsuyama District Court to have his transfer cancelled.

As part of the NTT restructuring with 110,000 personnel cuts, Nonaka Masahiko, an engineer, was ordered to work as a sales person in Osaka. He didn't accept the offer because he has had to take care of his sick wife and has no experience in sales.

The Telecommunication Industry Workers' Union (Tsushin Roso) and the National Lawyers Group to Deal with NTT Restructuring said that such inhumane, illegal, and unfair personnel transfers are being carried out throughout the country and that they will make all-out effort to end them.

The Ehime Prefectural Confederation of Trade Unions (Ehime Roren) secretary said that Nonaka's victory is meaningful as this is the first case that such a major company has to withdraw its decision under the restructuring program. (end)