Peace committee meets governors' council

Representatives of the Japan Peace Committee on July 31 visited the office of the governors' liaison council in Kanagawa Prefecture.

The governors' liaison council, which is composed of 14 prefectures hosting U.S. military bases, submitted a petition to the government in July, calling for the Japan-U.S. Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA) and its operation to be reviewed.

Listening to the governors' request to the government, representatives of the peace committee promised that they will also work against the arrogant U.S. forces in Japan.

An administrative official in charge of the U.S. base in Kanagawa Prefecture explained that the National Association of Prefectural Governors is also calling for major changes of SOFA, especially on response to crimes or accidents committed by U.S. military personnel and on response to environmental problems caused by U.S. bases.

The Peace Committee's Secretary General Chisaka Jun lauded these governors, as local administrative organs, working hard to protect their citizens' safety and lives. Chisaka requested that the governors' liaison council also raise their voice against the contingency legislation. (end)