Serial robbery by 3 U.S. Navy soldiers in Ebina City in Kanagawa

Three U.S. Navy soldiers at the U.S. Atsugi base in Kanagawa Prefecture committed a serial robbery from citizens in Ebina City on August 1.

Arrested were three soldiers of age 19 and 20 from the U.S. aircraft-carrier Kitty Hawk.

In September 2001, three Kitty Hawk crew members robbed a taxi driver in Yokosuka City.

The Kanagawa prefectural liaison council of municipalities related to U.S. bases on August 2 requested the commander of the U.S. Navy in Japan, the commander at U.S. Atsugi Naval Air Station, the Japanese foreign minister, and the Defense Facilities Administration Agency director general for the maintenance of discipline and education.

The liaison council said that it is a regret that the latest robbery occurred in the face of the call for discipline following last year's robbery. It states that the repeated incidents and accidents will further erode residents' trust. (end)