Visiting Beijing's high-tech district

Japanese Communist Party Central Committee Chair Fuwa Tetsuzo on August 29 visited agricultural facilities and a nursing home for elderly people in Beijing's high-tech center called the "Haidian District."

The focus of industrial development in this district is high-tech agriculture.

Fuwa, looking at a chart comprising the goal and the present situation, said that green are as expanding as development proceeds in the district, which is totally opposite Japan's case.

He then visited a nursery home for elderly people. They welcomed Fuwa by singing a Japanese song in Chinese.

When Fuwa said that the composer name, is his good friend and he will tell the composer about them, the elderly cheered with joy.

Fuwa also looked around an agricultural park designed for development and promotion of new farming technology.

He said, "In high-tech agriculture, I feel I saw an aspect of future China." (end)