Okinawan legislature demands F-15s be grounded at Kadena

Okinawa's legislature has demanded a halt to all U.S. F-15 fighter jet flights at U.S. Kadena Air Base until the recent F-15 crash is investigated fully and safety measures are established.

On September 2, the Okinawa Prefectural Assembly held an extraordinary session and adopted a resolution in protest against the U.S. F-15 crash in waters off Okinawa on August 21.

The resolution pointed out that the F-15 crashed in an important tuna and squid fishing ground, which means such crashes could hit fishers, and that fishers of the region are fearful of the possible grave consequences of such accidents.

At Kadena base, fires were caused by F-15s in July and August.

Ignoring the Okinawa governor's request for the suspension of F-15 flights, U.S. forces on August 26 resumed training with F-15s.

After the Aug. 21 crash, there were two emergency landings on private property in August.

Appalled by these developments, the prefectural assembly called for measures to protect residents' lives and property, including:
- Immediate disclosure of information regarding incidents and accidents caused by U.S. forces;

- Investigation into the cause of accidents and incidents; publication of the results; and

- A halt to all F-15 flights at the Kadena air base until safety measures against accidents are established. (end)