Citizens resolve to strengthen anti-wartime legislation campaign

The Anti-Wartime Legislation Campaign Promotion Center on September 19 held an exchange meeting in Tokyo, and about 130 participants from throughout the nation resolved to rapidly strengthen the campaign to block the wartime bills from being passed in the upcoming Diet session.

After the wartime bills were thwarted by strong public opposition, the ruling parties and the government soon began to prepare to get the bills enacted in the extraordinary Diet session.

At the meeting, the Campaign Promotion Center's representative reported that study meetings and activities at the grassroots level had contributed to heightening the awareness of the dangerous aims and contents of the wartime legislation, and called for further efforts to let the broader sections of the people know about danger of the U.S. war expansion policy linked to the wartime legislation.

Participants reported on their campaign plans. A person of religion said, "We, people of various religions, have set up a national peace network and want to create more local networks." A lawyer said, "We will carry out a 1,000-lawyer march in demonstration against the wartime legislation, which will be the biggest in the Japanese legal world's history." (end)