Hatoyama re-elected DPJ leader

Hatoyama Yukio was re-elected president of the Democratic Party of Japan on September 23.

During the election campaign, Hatoyama referred to the need to discuss the revision of the Constitution. After the election, he said that although DPJ members have different views on national security issues, he urged all members to follow the party's decisions.

About 310,000 DPJ members and supporters had a chance to vote in this election. However, only 51.3 percent of the supporters voted.

Japanese Communist Party Secretariat Head Ichida Tadayoshi said at a press conference after the DPJ leader's election that the JCP will pay attention to how the DPJ will confront the Liberal Democratic Party.

Pointing out the JCP's determination to maintain and promote the cooperation with other opposition parties, Ichida stated that the JCP will have direct and positive discussions with opposition parties when they encounter differences over certain issues. (end)