JCP requests Isuzu to stop forcing workers to retire

The Japanese Communist Party Kanagawa Prefectural Committee on September 20 visited Isuzu Motors Limited headquarters in Tokyo and requested the management to stop forcing employees to quit before retirement age.

Isuzu Motors Limited decided to have 3,700 workers voluntarily retire and has announced that it will begin accepting early retirement on September 24.

However, one of its factories in Kawasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture, has already been holding "interviews" with the workers since September 3, apparently to press workers to retire. Some of the workers, especially those who are 55 or older, have had to attend five interviews.

The management are threatening workers by saying, "You have no job to do anymore," or "This is going to be your last chance to retire with preferential benefits, including severance pay and get support in finding your next job."

Omori Takeshi, JCP member of the House of Councilors pointed out that workers should not be forced by the company but should be allowed to decide by themselves to retire. Omori referred to a Kanagawa Labor Standards Bureau letter of guidance to NKK stating that it is illegal and in violation of workers' rights for the company to keep pressuring them to retire, even though they do not wish to so.

In answer to the JCP's request, the company said that it will give thorough instructions to refrain from coercing workers to quit. (end)