JCP issues 4-point proposal to defend people's living conditions

Japanese Communist Party Chair Shii Kazuo on September 27 published the party's four-point proposal to safeguard the people's living conditions amidst the serious recession.

In the proposal, the JCP calls on the public to urge the government to (1) withdraw introducing a three billion yen additional burden on social welfare; (2) stop a tax increase plan focused on the general public and small- and medium-sized companies; (3) end the "disposing of bad loans" policy, a seriously damaging to smaller companies; and (4) eliminate the breach in labor-capital agreements and pay more unemployment benefits.

The JCP will carry out a public campaign to achieve the four-point proposal and visit various circles and political parties concerned, he said.

Eliminating illegal labor practices at workshops and guaranteeing the living conditions of the jobless are the key to solving the unemployment issue, Shii stressed.

He put forward the following concrete measures: extend the beneficial term of unemployment allowance to one year at the longest; establish an emergency safeguard system for seriously distressed workers without jobs; and increase make-work programs by local governments.

In order to resolve these serious questions, the government must stop giving major public works projects priority and regarding military spending as sanctuary, Shii emphasized.

Criticizing the Koizumi Cabinet for using taxpayers' money to benefit major corporations and banks, Shii stressed the urgent need to shift Japan's economic policy to one of improving the living conditions of the people and securing social welfare. (end)