Fuwa and Vietnam CP leader agree on opposition to military attack on Iraq

Fuwa Tetsuzo, Japanese Communist Party Central Committee chair, and Shii Kazuo, executive committee chair, on October 4 in Tokyo held talks with Nong Duc Manh, general secretary of the Communist Party of Vietnam who was on an official visit to Japan.

CPV General Secretary Manh opened the discussion by congratulating Fuwa on the JCP's 80th founding anniversary. He stated that he wishes to see the long history of friendship and solidarity between the two parties further developed, while thanking the JCP for its support for Vietnam. He talked on Vietnam's "doimoi" (innovation) policy and its result.

Referring to the CPV's foreign relations, particularly in the context of the current international situation, Manh stressed the need for the principles of the United Nations Charter to be abided by, adding that the CPV is opposed to interference in internal affairs of other countries on the pretext of fighting terrorism.

Thanking Manh for his congratulatory remarks on the JCP founding anniversary, Fuwa said that support was reciprocal. He said, "The Vietnamese people's victory over the U.S. aggressors and their struggle for independence and national unification helped to promote world peace and the cause of independence and democracy. Doimoi will contribute to further making social progress in the 21st century."

Focusing on foreign relations, Fuwa said, "We share with you a common concern about the present international situation. As the developments relating to the Iraqi situation have become more tense, the important task in international politics is to develop public opposition to the planned U.S.-led preemptive military strike on Iraq. We place top priority on this issue in our present activity in foreign relations."

Fuwa referred to his talks with Jiang Zeming, Communist Party of China general secretary, during his China visit in late August in which both agreed to oppose a military attack on Iraq. He also said that on October 5, JCP International Bureau Director Ogata Yasuo and Deputy Director Morihara Kimitoshi start their tour of Middle East countries, including Iraq, Jordan, Egypt, Qatar, and the United Arab Emirates.

CPV General Secretary Manh replied that his view of the international situation completely accords with the JCP's.

Fuwa presented Manh with a record of his lecture titled "Lenin and the market economy" which he gave at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences during his China visit, commenting that he had referred to doimoi in Vietnam. Fuwa added, "No country has ever walked on a road to socialism by way of the market economy. Therefore, many difficulties will be faced in the future, with many rich possibilities." Manh said that he is firmly determined to make progress on the road to success.

The CPV secretary general proposed closer ties between the two parties, saying, "Let's have talks if there is any need for consultations."

The talks were attended by Vietnamese Foreign Minister Nguyen Dy Nien, and Nguyen Van Son, CPV External Relations Commission chair, and by Hamano Tadao, JCP Presidium vice chair, and Ogata Yasuo, International Bureau director. (end)