JCP representatives depart for Middle East

Two Japanese Communist Party representatives left Japan on October 5 for a 2 week visit to Middle East countries.

Announcing the trip at a press conference on October 3, Ichida Tadayoshi, JCP Secretariat head, said that Ogata Yasuo, JCP International Bureau Director and House of Councilors member, and Morihara Kimitoshi, JCP International Bureau vice-director, will visit Middle East countries including Iraq, Jordan, Egypt, and the UAE.

Ichida said that Iraq's government invited the JCP to monitor a national referendum on the Iraqi president on October 15 and possibly hold discussions with Iraqi officials. He said that the JCP has decided to use the visit to accurately understand the situation in Iraq and the rest of the Middle East, a major focal point of international politics.

Ichida said that the JCP representatives will visit the League of Arab States headquartered in Cairo, Egypt, as well as other international organizations. (end)