JCP International Bureau chief exchanges views with Saudi Arabian ambassador

Ogata Yasuo, Japanese Communist Party International Bureau director and member of the House of Councilors, on October 1 visited Mohammad Ameen Wali, charge d'affaires of the Saudi Arabian Embassy.

Referring to tension increasing in connection with possible attacks on Iraq, Ogata stressed that the need now is for the international community to make efforts to resolve the regional crisis by peaceful means.

Wali explained that Saudi Arabia's position is one of opposing the use of its territory for strikes against Iraq. He said hig government seeks a peaceful resolution of the dispute through the United Nations, and urges the Iraqi government to listen to the United Nations and implement U.N. resolutions.

On the recent decision of Iraq to unconditionally accept a U.N. arms inspection team, Wali emphasized that it has a positive significance.

Both confirmed that they will continue talks and develop friendly relations with each other. (end)