SDF warships pass information to U.S. Forces in violation of the Constitution

Akahata of October 7 reported that Japan's Maritime Self-Defense Force warships refueling U.S. warships are supplying information to the U.S. Forces on ships and aircraft that have been detected by radar.

Pointing out that providing such information to the U.S. forces to help locate their targets in Afghanistan is tantamount to participating in the U.S. war in violation of the Japanese Constitution.

These SDF ships are currently operating in the Indian Ocean to assist in refueling U.S. warships under the Anti-terrorism Special Measures Law which was enacted to support U.S. forces in the war of retaliation in Afghanistan.

During the parliamentary discussion on the anti-terrorism measures law last year, the government stated that SDF units won't go into combat zones. But the warships in question are actually carrying out operations on a full alert to cope with possible terror attacks.

The Defense Agency said that SDF warships' provision of information to the U.S. forces is within the framework of the anti-terrorism special measures law. But the law does not provide that SDF units are allowed to supply information to U.S. forces. The basic plan for supporting the U.S. forces, which was approved by the Cabinet in conformity with the anti-terrorism special measures law, does not permit such activity.

Although the SDF warships' support for the U.S. forces in Afghanistan is due to end on November 19, there are calls in and outside the government for the present SDF activities in the Indian Ocean to be further extended and strengthened in conjunction with the U.S. preparations for a strike against Iraq. Akahata warned that this is the way for Japan to be involved more deeply in the U.S. war in violation of the Constitution. (end)