Young people need jobs and better working conditions

A liaison council for jobs and work rules for young people on October 4 issued a policy suggestion which demands that the government take drastic measures to solve work-related problems of young generations, such as unemployment, unstable and bad working conditions, and difficulty in finding jobs.

The suggestion states as "urgent measures" that the government must provide young people with support for finding jobs and more public sector jobs, including education and welfare services, abolish unpaid overtime work, and make companies comply with the Labor Standards Law.

As "basic measures," the suggestion demands that the government shorten working hours, limit large corporations' restructuring, and stop deregulating working conditions for temporary workers.

The council, which is composed of 15 organizations, including the Japan Senior High School Teachers and Staffs Union and the Japan Seinendan Council (Youth Organizations), will take its policy suggestion to governmental and economic institutions. (end)