JCP contests by-elections in seven constituencies

Seven parliamentary by-elections will be held on October 27 which will have an important influence on Japan's course in the 21st century.

The House of Councilors by-election campaign officially started on October 10 in Chiba and Tottori prefectural constituencies. The House of Representatives elections started on October 15 in five constituencies (Yamagata's fourth, Niigata's fifth, Kanagawa's eighth, Osaka's 10th, and Fukuoka's sixth constituencies).

The Japanese Communist Party is running candidates in all of the seven constituencies.

On October 10, JCP Executive Committee Chair Shii Kazuo was in Chiba Prefecture to support JCP candidate Asano Fumiko's campaign for the Upper House.

Speaking to a total of 6,000 people at Japan Railway Chiba and Tsudanuma stations, Shii stressed that the JCP is the only party that has concrete plans for economic reconstruction in the interests of the working people and that is capable of putting into practice diplomacy based on reason.

Referring to the Koizumi Cabinet's policy of speeding up the disposal of bad loans, Shii warned that it will only lead to more corporate bankruptcies and unemployment. The need now is for the JCP's 4-point proposal to be put into practice, including the one for canceling the plan to force an additional three-trillion yen burden on the people for social services.

Regarding foreign policy issues, Shii referred to the JCP representatives' ongoing tour of Middle East countries in an effort to maintain the international peace based on the United Nations Charter.

On the issue of North Korea, Shii stated that the JCP proposal for establishing a channel for unconditional Japan-North Korea negotiations has effectively helped promote the recent bilateral moves. (end)