Akahata Festival attended by many international guests

The 38th Akahata Festival in three days welcomed representatives from 10 embassies in Tokyo, representatives from two political parties abroad, a representative from an international organization in Japan, and several journalists from foreign presses.

Nguyen Trung Dong, editorial staff member of Nhan Dan, the Communist Party of Vietnam's organ paper, on November 2 met with Fuwa Tetsuzo, Japanese Communist Party Central Committee chair. Recalling a JCP delegation visiting Vietnam in 1966, Nguyen said the delegation's visit to the frontlines of the Vietnamese people's war against U.S. aggression greatly encouraged the Vietnamese people during a time of heavy U.S. bombing of North Vietnam. Fuwa said, "The victory of the Vietnamese people is still the driving force for leading the world to a peaceful and national independence course."

Sun Dongmin, the Tokyo Bureau chief of the People's Daily of the Communist Party of China with his wife on November 3 met with Fuwa. Sun said, "It is admirable that the JCP holds a sound and proper understanding of history." JCP Executive Committee Chair Shii Kazuo expressed his greeting to Sun and his wife after their talks with Fuwa.

International guests who visited the festival were as follows:

Thaer A. Thabet, second secretary and Mukhlis A. Rajab, third secretary of the Embassy of Iraq; Mahamadjon Botraliyev, third secretary of the Embassy of Uzbekistan; Lin Li, first secretary and Cao Liqiang, second secretary of the Embassy of China; M. P. Kurian, first secretary of the Embassy of India; Steven Pang, first secretary of the Embassy of Singapore; Illya Kvas, second secretary of the Embassy of Ukraine; Doan Ngoc Canh, counselor of the Embassy of Vietnam; Jose Mannuel Galego, counselor of the the Embassy of Cuba; Alexei G. Sukhanov, first secretary of the Embassy of Russan Federation; Japheth Ariedi, third secretary of the Embassy of Kenya; and Director Han Jongchi and Vice Director Kim Myongsu of the International Affairs Bureau of the General Association of Korean Residents in Japan (Chongryon).

Foreign presses represented were as follows: Kenny Coyle, the former Communist Party of Britain International Department head and Najib el-Khash of Al-Hayat newspaper written in Arabic. (end)