JCP-supported candidate wins Kumamoto mayoral election

In the November 10 Kumamoto mayoral election in Kumamoto Prefecture, Koyama Seishi, supported by the Japanese Communist Party, defeated the incumbent mayor recommended by the Liberal Democratic Party, the Komei Party, and the Conservative Party, and supported by the Social Democratic Party.

Koyama was an LDP member but left the party last September on the grounds that he now has a different view from the LDP, which is pushing ahead with construction of the Kawabe River dam.

In the election campaign, Koyama promised to promote full information disclosure and citizens' participation in the city government.

He also pledged to disclose the books of the mayor's social expenses, end politicians' acceptance of rewards for using political influence, and reduce the number of pupils in every public elementary school classroom to 30 or less.

The JCP Kumamoto District Committee decided not to put up the JCP's own candidate but to support Koyama because his election promises had many common points to JCP policies.

During the election campaign, the Komei Party carried out an anti-JCP campaign, saying that Koyama is supported by the JCP which is only interested in increasing its membership. (end)