DYLJ requests labor ministry to take steps for job creation for young people

The Democratic Youth League of Japan (DYLJ) on November 12 made representations to the Health, Labor, and Welfare Ministry to pay greater attention to job creation for young people.

A national survey the DYLJ conducted recently of young people shows that 80 percent of respondents said that the scarcity of job availability is their biggest difficulty.

DYLJ representatives said that more jobs could be created through eradication of unpaid overtime work, stricter dismissal control, and improvement of job training programs for unemployed youth.

To defend young workers' rights, the DYLJ urged the ministry to make known to the public that unpaid overtime work is illegal and that part-time or temporary workers are also eligible for social insurance and paid holidays.

A liaison council working for fair work rules and job creation for young people has also visited the national councils of the nation's local (prefecture, city, town and village) assemblies. The liaison council requested the immediate betterment of the employment situation for young people. (end)