Japan-U.S. forces hold joint exercises

The Japanese Self-Defense Forces and the U.S. forces held joint exercises at several locations in Japan from November 11-22. The biennial exercises are the first since the 9/11 terrorist attacks on the United States.

The exercises were carried out on the assumption that situations in areas surrounding Japan have escalated into a national emergency. They included practices to logistically support U.S. forces, rescue civilians, and eliminate enemy forces from an occupied village.

About 11,000 Japanese troops participated in the joint exercises. The U.S. forces sent about 10,550 troops from the Army in Hawaii, the 7th Fleet in Yokosuka, the Air Force in Yokota, and the Marine Corps in Okinawa.

The Ground Self-Defense Forces carried out exercises with U.S. Army soldiers at the Higashifuji Training Area in Shizuoka Prefecture and with U.S. Marines at the Hijudai and Jumonjihara training grounds in Oita Prefecture where they participated in live-fire training. (end)