JCP goes on the offensive in preparation for election

The Japanese Communist Party Central Committee 5th Plenum on December 3 focused on ways to increase activities in preparation for the simultaneous local elections scheduled for next spring.

JCP Chair Shii Kazuo presented the Executive Committee report, followed by a discussion in which 18 members spoke. Shii gave the concluding remarks, and both the Executive Committee Report and his concluding remarks were approved unanimously.

The report was composed of the following five themes:

(1) International questions and the JCP's diplomatic efforts as an opposition party;

(2) People's living conditions and the economy;

(3) New developments regarding political parties;

(4) Efforts to increase cooperation between the JCP and unaffiliated people in local politics;

(5) Activities for a JCP victory in the coming elections.

On international questions, Shii explained the JCP view on the Iraq question and the current issue of the Japan-North Korea talks facing difficulties and obstacles ahead.

On the Japan-North Korea talks, Shii said that since the JCP is not directly engaged in them and is not informed fully, it has been restraining itself from commenting on any judgments and decisions set out by the Japanese government.

Shii said that the Japanese government in the negotiations should stand firmly for peace and stability to prevail in Northeast Asia. He said that all pending issues should be discussed in the negotiations aimed at a comprehensive resolution. He also stressed the need for Japan to deal with North Korea based on reason and justice because of North Korea's history of illegal activities around the world.

Referring to the state of affairs of Japan's political parties, Shii said that most of the political parties other than the JCP have failed to come up with plans for change in Japan and are without a broad-based organization to depend on. By contrast, only the Japanese Communist Party is worth being called a political party that resolutely carries out political activities. "This is a new situation in Japan, bearing great significance," Shii stressed.

On the government parties, Shii stated that the Liberal Democratic Party is facing an overall collapse of its supporters' organizations, and the Komei Party, which is devoted to backing the LDP, exists as nothing other than as a spearhead of anti-JCP attacks.

The JCP has always been in favor of parliamentary cooperation with other opposition parties. However, we must note that other opposition parties failed to put forward any policy and strategy as an alternative to LDP politics. This is why a perception of "chaos in opposition parties" is surfacing, Shii pointed out. (end)