Local hearing on Constitution: Majority want Article 9 to be defended

In a local public hearing, five out of six speakers expressed opposition to "revision" of Article 9 of the Constitution.

The House of Representatives Research Commission on the Constitution held the hearing in Fukuoka City in western Japan on December 9 to determine local public opinion on the Constitution.

A local government employee said that what is needed now is not to amend Article 9 but fill the gap between reality and the constitutional principles in actual life.

A lawyer highly evaluated the Constitution by saying that Japan, because of Article 9, has not killed any foreigners militarily since the end of WWII.

A former university professor voiced an objection to changes in Article 9 and stated that wars are the greatest threat.

A former president of Nagasaki Prefectural University emphasized the pioneering role Article 9 has played after the A-bombing of Nagasaki.

A housewife also expressed opposition to constitutional change.

At a news conference later in the day, a question was raised among reporters: why is it that on the political stage, many politicians are in favor of revising the Constitution, but outside the Diet the majority of people express opposition to the revision. Commission Chair Nakayama Taro of the Liberal Democratic Party was at a loss for an answer. (end)