Whoever DPJ head is, JCP will cooperate with other opposition parties in common struggle

Hatoyama Yukio, who has led the Democratic Party of Japan, the major opposition party on December 3 said he will resign to take responsibility for the problems that led to setbacks in the recent elections.

Hatoyama had aroused antipathy within the party when he made a surprise announcement that the DPJ will form a new group with the Liberal Party, another opposition party.

Japanese Communist Party Secretariat Head Ichida Tadayoshi on the same day said, "Whoever the DPJ leader is, the JCP will work together on points of agreement, but on points of disagreement, our party will conduct a fair debate in the Diet with the DPJ."

Ichida criticized Hatoyama for playing a political numbers game by intending to form a DPJ-LP parliamentary coalition without reaching any consensus on basic policies with the LP.

The DPJ has failed to show the people how the DPJ will differ from the Liberal Democratic Party government, Ichida commented. (end)