Workers receive 8.1 billion yen of overtime pay

As a result of the Labor Standards Inspection Office's directive, about 600 companies have paid 8.1 billion yen in back pay to more than 70,000 workers for their non-paid overtime work.

The Health, Labor, and Welfare Ministry ascertained this in a survey of companies which had paid more than 1 million yen of overtime pay to their employees from March 2001 to September 2002.

613 companies have been advised to pay 8.138 billion yen to 71,322 workers.

The manufacturing, trade, finance, and publicity industries are the worst four sectors in terms of the number of companies, employees, and amount of money paid.

An increasing number of workers and family members have accused companies of forcing their employees to work without pay. The Health, Labor, and Welfare Ministry finally issued a notice for abolition of overtime work without pay last April and has strengthened its compliance guidelines for companies. (end)