JCP chair returns from South Asia visits

Japanese Communist Party Executive Committee Chair Shii Kazuo on December 25 returned to Tokyo after leading a JCP delegation's 10-day tour of India, Sri Lanka, and Pakistan.

During the tour, the delegation had discussions on the Iraq issue, nuclear weapons abolition, regional conflicts, and economic globalization with government officials of the three countries.

At Narita Airport, Shii said, "I think the delegation has fulfilled its task of starting exchanges with the three South Asian countries." He also said that he learned from the discussions that the three nations are playing important roles in the non-aligned movement.

He also said that he is very glad to find lots of common ground among these three countries and the JCP, as a political party seeking to establish a non-aligned and neutral Japan.

He said he had good discussions with representatives of the Communist Party of India (Marxist), the Communist Party of India, and the Communist Party of Sri Lanka.

Particularly referring to the JCP delegation's visit to India's West Bengal,he said that it was a pleasure for him to witness what the CPIM has achieved in the last 25 years as the governing party and what it is doing to make continued advances.
In conclusion, Shii said that the tour convinced him that the JCP's political-line and strategy share common ground with these countries. (end)