JCP chair talks with Pakistani finance advisor on poverty and terrorism

Japanese Communist Party Chair Shii Kazuo in Pakistan had talks on December 24 with Shaukat Aziz, advisor to Pakistan's prime minister for financial affairs.

Exchanging opinions on socio-economic issues, including poverty, terrorism, and the international economy, Aziz stated that terrorism grows out of the crib of poverty and that he expects Japan to help reduce poverty in Pakistan, with which Shii agreed.

Pointing out that poverty continues to serve as the hotbed of terrorism, Aziz expressed hope for Japan's cooperation in reducing poverty.

Shii in response said that reducing poverty is a major international task, adding that the need is for the international community to extend economic assistance to Pakistan to help reduce its economic burden of accepting the world's largest number of refugees. "In particular, Russia, formerly the Soviet Union, should fulfill its responsibility as the country which invaded Afghanistan in 1979, causing many Afghan people to flee the country into Pakistan as refugees," he said.

Shii also called for the globalization of economy to be based on respect for sovereign rights and equality among countries, not being dominated by the interests of big powers. As the first step toward achieving this, Shii proposed write-offs or reduction of debts of heavy-debtor countries.

Aziz said he agrees with Shii and added that he finds a great value in the visit of Pakistan by the Japanese Communist Party delegation headed by Shii.

JCP Chair Shii on the same day had talks with Muhammad Yaqub Khan, deputy speaker of Pakistan's National Assembly. (end)