2003 JAN 8 - JAN 14 JPS NEWS

* JCP demands North Korea give up nuclear program (January 14)

* Writers raise voices in opposition to war on Iraq (January 11)

Corporate donations must be banned -- Akahata editorial, January 10 (excerpts)

* JCP presents 16.746 million signatures to Diet (January 14)

Japan's government is following the lead of JCP! -- Akahata 'Current' column, January 9

* Defense Agency seeks money for 'spy plane' research (January 9)

* U.S. nuclear submarines made 53 calls at Japanese ports in 2002 (January 10)

* Operational exercises carried out by Japan-U.S. bilateral coordination center (January 10)

* Japan-U.S. military integration intensified in 2002 (January 11)

* Touch-and-go exercise by U.S. forcest in Kanagawa and Tokyo must end (January 11)

* Responding to business circles, ministers praise a consumption tax rate hike (January 8)

* Many foreign corporate executives are on government panels (January 8)

* JCP is received favorably by small manufacturers (January 9)

* Workers of German auto parts maker fight against restructuring (January 8)

* Zenroren to focus on jobs and peace in 2003 spring struggle (January 9)

* Private railway urges women station workers to engage in 24-hour work shift (January 9)

* Ministry investigates non-bank money lender suspected of forcing workers to work overtime without pay (January 10)

* Only part-time jobs are available for young people (January 10)

* A group of Toyota workers calls for rejection of zero wage increase offer (January 14)

* Hibakusha protests against government refusal to recognize them as having A-bomb disease (January 11)

* Teachers' discussions focus on defense of Fundamental Law of Education - National Meeting for Educational Study (January 14)

* NGOs meet in India to discuss non-aligned movement (January 8)