Zenroren at World Social Forum calls for joint action against U.S. war on Iraq

At the 2003 World Social Forum (January 23-28 in Porto Alegre, Brazil), a representative of the National Federation of Trade Unions (Zenroren) on January 24 called on the world's unions to join forces to block a possible U.S. war on Iraq.

Speaking at a seminar on "the Role of the Trade Union Movement in the Struggle against Neoliberal Globalization and against the War" organized by the World Federation of Trade Unions, Zenroren International Bureau Director Kato Masuo introduced Zenroren's anti-war efforts. He said Zenroren requested the U.S. government to give up its war plan against Iraq, Japan's government not to cooperate with the U.S. attacks, and Iraq's government to comply with UNSC resolutions.

At the seminar, union representatives from different countries exchanged their experiences of struggles to defend workers' living standards and rights, and protest against possible U.S. strikes on Iraq. (end)

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